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StrategyShare helps you and your team achieve your strategy’s objectives more efficiently.

Discover how StrategyShare helps you build and implement a unique strategy for your organization

I want to.....

design, display, and communicate a compelling strategy for my organization, business unit, department, and/or team.

Strategy Maps

Translate your strategy into an actionable strategy execution roadmap with a strategy map. Strategy maps are easy to create in StrategyShare. Making critical strategic choices clear ensures that everyone’s daily activities and business decisions are working in harmony to move your strategy forward quickly and efficiently.

I want to.....

create a set of KPI’s to help us measure and manage our strategy.

Strategy Scorecards

Seamlessly design scorecards and assemble the right indicators to get deep insight into the success and effectiveness of your strategy. Integration between strategy maps and scorecards puts your strategy at the heart of every scorecard with no extra effort. Indicator set up wizards help you make the right indicator creation decisions.

I want to.....

have quick access to the information we need to manage our strategy, results, and outcomes more pro-actively.

performance Views

Performance Views displays all the information you need to implement and manage your strategy in a single, integrated view. Stop wasting time pulling together strategy critical information! Performance Views integrates performance data, commentary, analysis, project and action plans, and critical strategy management information and knowledge and puts it together in one place.

I want to.....

help our team have more strategic conversations.

performance Views

Performance Views gives people a head start in understanding the current situation for your strategy. Making results data and expert commentary available to meeting attendees before performance review meetings makes your meeting discussions more productive. Finally – no more performance review meetings where you never spend time discussing the implications of performance on your strategy!

I want to.....

be able to stay on top of all of the corrective action plans underway across our organization.

Action Plan Navigator

Get a consolidated view on all the action plans currently underway across your organization. While you’ll see individual action plans in Performance Views, having a single view of all of the action plans being completed in your organization makes it easier to manage the time, effort, and resources being invested in improving the performance of your organization.

I want to.....

prioritize our projects and initiatives and manage their completion more effectively.

Project/Initiative Navigator

Aligning strategic projects and initiatives with strategic objectives in StrategyShare helps you confirm that project/initiative completion will move your strategy forward. Our integrated project/initiative management module gives you a powerful tool for aligning projects and initiatives with your strategy, prioritizing resource allocations and work effort, and managing for project/initiative completion and success more proactively.

I want to.....

capture the conversations and great ideas employees have to help us improve and move our strategy forward.


Engage your employees in discussions about the performance and progress of your strategy. Fast and agile strategy execution can only be achieved when everyone in your organization contributes their ideas and comments, and shares their knowledge and success strategies with each other. StrategyShare makes it easy to make team members true partners in your success.

I want to.....

engage my team in exploring new opportunities, solving critical business issues, doing breakthrough thinking, and generating innovative solutions.


Give your team members an easy way to collaborate and contribute to accelerating your strategy’s progress and success. Innovation is a combination of creative thinking and action. The Strategy Innovation Exchange offers a place for you and your employees to engage in the conversations and breakthrough thinking that move your strategy and organization forward.

I want to.....

make it easy for members of my team to manage the parts of the strategy they have accountability for.


Provide every team member with their custom gateway to your organization’s strategy and their contribution to its success. The StrategyShare dashboard is customized to quickly connect individual team members with the components of your strategy that they have access to and accountability for.

I want to.....

have all the strategy-relevant information we might need for strategy success at our fingertips.

Knowledge Hub

Transforming performance results data into actionable performance information helps you achieve strategy management success. Information links in StrategyShare give you and your team the ability to create and access a high value library of strategy-critical information resources. Blending knowledge with results data helps you develop deeper insights and take action faster.

You and your team can create and execute your organization’s strategy with confidence!

Do it yourself.

StrategyShare’s built-in processes, templates, worksheets, and completion guidelines plus on-demand videos help you and your team create a powerful strategy and accelerate the achievement of results. StrategyShare is specifically designed to help you take a lighter, more nimble, and collaborative approach to strategy creation, implementation, and improvement.

Let us help you.

Need help customizing your strategy, want advice or a technical review of your strategy map or scorecard, or just want a second opinion? Participate in our weekly live Q + A sessions or book a complementary one-on-one consultation with one of our strategy experts – we’re here to give you the help you need to achieve success!

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'StrategyShare helps us ask and answer the right business questions'

StrategyShare makes generating, executing on, and monitoring strategy easy and dare I say fun. The collaborative/consultative approach this software package provides forces users to ask all the right questions while developing and implementing strategy - delivering a well developed and aligned result. This is the complete package... years of consulting expertise bundled into an intuitive platform, at a fraction of the price of competitors.
5 stars across the board.

Chris Hill Director , Process Excellence , D + H

'Simple to use and immediately impactful'

Strategy Share is a rock solid application for helping an executive get their arms around strategy execution. It allowed us to create a strategy map and begin connecting the dots immediately in a way that actually surprised us. Basically, we have no excuse now as a team. We all know the game plan and we each understand our contributions to the strategy. If we don't execute we certainly can't blame the application!

Joe Clark CEO Prana Business LLc

StrategyShare’s strategy management information and knowledge exchange forum helps everyone in your organization work together on what matters most - implementing your strategy, achieving results, and having an impact

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